do i ?

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Do i really looks much younger than my real age?
or they are depending to my height?
why i said that?
this is because most of the strangers that i meet for 1st time
when they want to call me they call me as '小妹妹'
do i really looks just 16 or 17 years old?
if they just call me 妹妹
i will not be so disappointed
today i meet this case again
i went to a club for gym
the reception's kakak asked me
"hari ini tak ada sekolah ke?"
what i answered her is
"sudah balik!"
then the kakak turn to another kakak next to her and asked about the time
she says" sudah pukul 1 ke?"
then the kakak B said "ya!"
after 2 hours later
when i went back
then kakak started to asked details
she said" u tahun ini form 5 ke?"
i answered "tak, sudah college!"
she felt very surprice with my answer
but luckily she didn't say " jangan tipu la!"
haha :D
should i happy with the strangers' thought?
or sad?
i also don't know!
or should i longer my hair so i will looks more mature?
but in another way
倪小华 started to train his son to call the one who is elder than his son more than 10 years old
as "aunty" or "uncle"
i still remember last time when i was still in chong hwa
one day i meet him together with his son
he asked his son call me "aunty"
then i said i m still young as the word "aunty" is not suitable for me yet
after that what he said has made me speechless
this is just because he is 倪小华
and i know argued with him is also useless
what he said or do is always the correct
he told me " you are elder than he about 10++ years, and after 10 years later, when he is 10++ years old, by the time u already 30 something years old! so what do you think he have to call you, of cause "aunty" la, right?"
what can i say is "omg, what kind of theory is this!"

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  1. Hew said...:
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  1. Hew said...:

    so good to be form 5 ~~ coz when i first day work , they ask me whether is 15 years old anot ~~ form 3 ..... =___=